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“We’re a select team of urological specialists dedicated to your individual needs.

Take advantage of having your own team of health care professionals focused on your optimal well-being.

Finding a doctor that feels like your teammate is special.; finding one that feels like your teammate is special. Our team of experts specializing in mens’ health issues is committed to your wellness and happiness.

All doctor visits and most testing is OHIP covered.

Where expertise meets personalization.

Your health is the foundation of your well-being and enjoyment of your life. There’s too much riding on your wellness to not receive the best care and attention possible.

When you feel concerned about a health issue or want a general consultation to make sure everything is in check, you deserve a health care team that prioritizes YOU and customizes care based on your medical history, your health and fitness goals and your current lifestyle.

We’re an intimate team of expert physicians here to collaborate so you feel good, inside and out.

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Our interests in your health are

Prostate Health

General Urology

Pelvic and Scrotal Pain

Sexual function

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome aka Andropause


Semen Analysis & Diagnostic Investigations


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