General Urology

As our lives continue to unfold we become more aware of our bodies and our health. Subtle changes become more apparent over time and may lead to concern.  In men, the changes can occur quietly over time as the prostate naturally enlarges as the individual ages. Sexual function & urinary function subtly changes, strength and endurance changes and it sometimes seems suddenly worry starts.

So a general urological checkup can benefit many men. See you GP or NP to discuss a general urology referral. If you do not have a GP or NP, please call our office to book for a self-referral with our generalist – please note that this option is available to only men without general practitioners or nurse practitioners.  If you have a family doctor or nurse practitioner, please see them for a referral to us.

Issues that a General Urology Consult would see:

  • Urinary changes
  • Blood in urine or semen
  • Changes in sexual function or ejaculation
  • Curvature of the Penis
  • Urinary infection
  • Bladder changes