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Chronic testicular and groin pain management

What is chronic testicular pain and groin pain?
A small percentage of men who have previously undergone vasectomy, hernia surgery , scrotal or pelvic trauma, recurrent epididymal / testicular infections, a sports hernia, or idiopathic cases present with chronic testicular pain or groin pain. This pain may range from a mild irritation to severe debilitating pain that significantly impacts the patient’s quality of life.

What causes chronic testicular pain and groin pain?
The reasons are not quite clear. One theory is that the sensory pain fibers running along the spermatic cord may for some reason have a very low stimulation threshold due to previous scrotal surgery (vasectomy), hernia surgery, scrotal or pelvic trauma and recurrent epididymal / testicular infections. This could be due to local irritation or inflammation along these nerve fibers. For this reason, we try conservative therapies initially since a number of patients have spontaneous resolution of the pain after a period of observation. This period may range from a few months to a few years.
Men health institute clinic’s goal is to provide maximal comfort and relief for the patient from a quality of life standpoint with minimal risk. If a patient has significant pain impacting their daily activities, more aggressive surgical intervention may be pursued after the observation period. This nerve hyper-stimulation can create extraordinary pain for the patient that is quite real, but cannot be defined as any structural abnormality by imaging modalities (these patients usually have a completely normal scrotal ultrasound).

What can we offer patients with chronic groin or testicular pain?
Our center provides a unique multi-disciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of chronic testicular pain. Our mission is to provide the most innovative and reliable treatment options available for the management of this condition in a compassionate manner. It is a difficult condition to treat, and it sometimes requires an ongoing trial and error approach to finally reduce the pain levels. We keep striving to find new and additional treatment options to help as many patients as possible. By no means are our treatments perfect, but we will try our best to come up with options to alleviate pain for our patients.

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