Chronic Urologic Pain Syndrome

Assessment and Moving to Treatment

Regardless of how long a man has had scrotal pain, a complete assessment must be done with the MHI physicians.

First appointment

  • Consultation, physical assessment and examination
  • If ordered – bloodwork, urinalysis, semen analysis – done on the same day at MHI
  • If ordered – ultrasound – done on the same day at MHI
  • If cause is ‘clear cut’ than treatment/surgical plan is designed

Second appointment

  • Consultation with full team and pain specialists from Mount Sinai Hospital Wasser Pain Management Clinic
  • Multidisciplinary plan may include surgery, medication, pain management, counselling
  • Discussion of treatments available, new treatment trials and research

Types of Treatments Available [individually ordered only if clinically appropriate]:

· Antibiotics to control prostatic or urinary symptoms or infections
· Nerve blocks, blocking the nerve activity in the scrotum, either medically or surgically – DOES  NOT AFFECT SEXUAL ACTIVITY OR SENSATION!
· Medical treatment using neuropathic agents
· Analgesic medication for pain control
· Reversal of previous vasectomy
· Surgical repair of varicocele [if present]
· Surgical removal of testicle
· Pelvic floor therapy
· Acupuncture
· Osteopathy, BodyTalk
· Yoga, meditation
· Botox – trial is ongoing