Prostatitis is the general term for inflammation of the prostate, most often without an infection. Some men have prostatitis caused by a bacterial infection and can be cleared with antibiotics. It is important to be aware that prostatitis can occur in ALL ages.

Symptoms most often start as urinary:

  • Extreme need to urinate – called Urinary Urgency
  • Despite need to urinate, only small amounts coming out – called Urinary Hesitancy
  • Need to urinate more than normal, often only small amounts – called Urinary Frequency
  • Needing to urinate several times a night – called Nocturia
  • Pain, often a burning sensation, when urinating
  • Also pain with ejaculation, groin or pelvic pain and pain in the scrotum
  • If the infection is acute then the person may also feel fever, chills, aches and fatigue.

Acute prostatitis often brings a man into see his primary physician. It is considered chronic if lasting longer than 3 months.

Treatment for Prostatitis:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs along with warm sitz baths (sitting in two to three inches of warm water). This is the most conservative treatment for chronic prostatitis.
  • Antibiotics for infectious prostatitis. These drugs are not effective treatments for non-infectious prostatitis. For acute infectious prostatitis, patients usually need to take antibiotics for 14 days. Almost all acute infections can be cured with this treatment.
  • For chronic infectious prostatitis, antibiotics are taken for a longer period of time, usually four to 12 weeks. About 75% of all cases of chronic infectious prostatitis clear up with this treatment. For cases that don’t, taking antibiotics at a low dose for a long time may be recommended to relieve the symptoms.
  • Pain medications.
  • Muscle relaxants.
  • Surgical removal of the infected portions of the prostate. A doctor may advise this treatment for severe cases of chronic prostatitis or for men whose swollen prostate is blocking the flow of urine.
  • Supportive therapies for chronic prostatitis, including stool softeners and prostate massage.