Erectile Dysfunction

Questions YOU can ask the Doctor

  • What is the most likely cause of my erectile problems? What are the other possible causes?
  • What tests do I need?
  • What are the treatment options? What treatment is best for me? Is there a cure?
  • Is it possible that my problem is temporary?
  • How can I manage my other conditions – are they affected by the treatment you are suggesting?
  • I have heart disease – what is the impact of this disease on my sexual function and treatment?
  • I am suffering, my partner is suffering – do you think counseling would help? Who would understand what is happening to us?
  • Do you have any information or brochures for me to take home? What websites do you recommend?
  • Other Questions

And your doctor is likely to ask you a number of questions:

  • What other health concerns or chronic conditions do you have? This is VERY important!
  • Have you had any other sexual problems?
  • Have you had any changes in sexual desire?
  • Do you get erections during masturbation, with a partner or while you sleep?
  • Are there any problems in your relationship with your sexual partner?
  • Does your partner have any sexual problems?
  • Are you anxious, depressed or under stress in other areas of your life?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental health condition? If so, do you currently take any medications or get psychological counseling (psychotherapy) for it?
  • When did you first begin noticing sexual problems?
  • Do your erectile problems occur only sometimes, often or all of the time?
  • What medications do you take, including any herbal remedies or supplements?
  • Do you drink alcohol? If so, how much?
  • Do you use any illegal drugs?
  • What, if anything, seems to improve your symptoms?
  • What, if anything, seems to worsen your symptoms?