Top Questions

What are the fees for shock wave therapy?

The fee is $2800 for 6 treatments with an additional 6 treatments no charge if the physician deems the patient requires more.

What are your fees for no shows, late cancelations, forms, copying of charts?

For missed appointments that are not canceled in advance of 2 business days, the patient is charged $100.00 if it is an initial consult, $50.00 if it is a follow-up. Please note that this policy is listed for your review in our email confirmation of appointments.

No Shows are deemed such if the patient has not canceled the appointment with the front desk staff.

Late cancelations are cancelations made less than 2 BUSINESS days prior to the appointment.

Forms and chart copying is based on the amount of time this takes – please speak with the front desk.

Do I need a referral or can I come with no referral?

This is a specialist service so, yes, you need a referral…preferably from a physician or nurse practitioner who is familiar with your health and wellness.

If you do not have a primary healthcare provider we do have a general practitioner who can see you without referral and assess  your needs.

Any procedures?

We do have basic procedures that you may need such as a urine flow, blood work or ultrasound. It depends on why we are seeing you and your health presentation.

How long are appointments?

Anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the patient’s needs.

What to bring to your appointment?

Important to bring:

  • List of all medications & supplements you are taking or have recently taken.
  • List of all past accidents, injuries, surgeries & chronic illnesses.
  • Please have your bladder full but not bursting. Very important – your appointment may have to be rescheduled if your bladder is not full.
What to expect at the first appointment?

It takes about 2 weeks to a month to get that first appointment. Kindly be patient.

First consultations are booked for 20-30 minutes based on the information received with your referral and depending on the examination and plan. We try very hard not to keep people waiting but there can be clinical situations and discoveries that we have no control over. We ask everyone to be patient with us and each other.

At the consultation, most patients can expect a sit down conversation with their physician and a physical examination. Most new patients will have bloodwork and a urinary flow test done at their first visit and perhaps an ultrasound done at the same visit. Semen analysis may also be done in selected patients. All of these may make your consult longer but are valuable tools in obtaining information pertinent to your health.

Please know you will be asked about your sexual activity and your emotion health. All of these  questions are important for us to understand what is happening to you.

Followup appointments are often shorter based on the response of the planned treatment or therapy.